This week, Life Training Online is reviewing The Science of Getting Rich: Attracting Financial Success through Creative Thought, by Wallace D. Wattles, the twenty-fourth of fifty-two books in the 52 Personal Development Books in 52 Weeks series.

How to Use the Will

When you use the power of will to achieve wealth, you will not be using it to influence others; it will be used on yourself. Once you know what you should be thinking and doing, that is ultimately where you will apply your will — in order to continue to do the things that you need to be thinking and doing.

Here’ the process: Use your mind to create a picture of what you want, and continue to hold on to that image. The more steady and continuous your mind is fixed upon your goal, the faster you’ll become rich.

Further Use of the Will

It is also important to monitor what you’re focusing on. Focusing on your negative financial situation or the lack that is around you only proves to exacerbate the situation. Wattles is not saying that you should feign ignorance about what is around you, rather it’s just that your focus isn’t upon the negative. For example, instead of saying, “My finances are in ruin and I’ll be in this hole forever” you would say, “My financial situation is improving every day”.

It may seem like a trivial difference, but according to Wattles this is a huge part of bringing to pass your desires. If Buddha is right in saying “All that we are is the result of what we have thought,” then Wattles is spot on.

Acting in the Certain Way

To say that thought alone will make you rich is only understanding half the picture. It is by thought that riches are made available to you; it is by action that you receive them.

But action alone isn’t the only thing that’s important either. Not all action is equal. Instead, you must act in what Wattles calls a ‘certain way.’ Acting in a certain way’ has to do with putting your whole mind into the present action. If your action is in the present but your mind his hanging out in the future, your present action will be with a divided mind and as a result, won’t be as effective.

Efficient Action

“The world is advanced only by those who more than fill their present places.” In order to become successful and advance in life, you must be larger than your present place; and you will not move beyond your current situation or ‘place’ if you’ve left anything undone with any of the work pertaining to that place.

Every day can be considered either a successful day or a day of failure, and it is those successful days which will lead you to becoming rich. What Wattles is talking about here is productivity and efficiency. For example, if you make a list of “ToDos” that need to get done on one day and you have to continue carrying them over into future dates, then something needs to change. Either you’ve got too much on your plate — which means you need to learn to prioritize better; or you’re not being efficient enough.

Accomplishing daily the goals that you’ve set on your journey to riches is what is Wattles is talking about here with ‘efficient action.’

Getting into the Right Business

Success in any business endeavor requires that you possess the skills necessary for that business. I for one, do not have incredible fashion sense (as my wife likes to remind me ;) ). So for me to go into business as a fashion designer at this point does not make a whole lot of sense. However, just because you may not have the right talent for it doesn’t mean you can’t develop it. Yes, this would mean that even I could become a successful fashion designer if I developed the required skills as I go along. It’s the whole “fake it till you make it” approach.

While skills are very important, again this is only part of the equation. You could get rich if you do the things that are best suited to your talents and abilities; but you will get rich with more satisfaction and meaning if you do that which you WANT to do. Skills can only take you so far. It’s desire and determination which ultimately lead to success.

The Impression of Increase and the Advancing Man

Increase is what we’re all after. Wattles says that the desire for more life, more love, more experience and so on are inherent to our nature and stems from the Source of all things working through us. The normal desire of increased wealth is nothing to be ashamed of. It is simply the desire for a more abundant life; it is aspiration.

To have increase, we must become increase. Does this make sense? In other words we must become what we aspire to. This is along the lines with aligning yourself with your goals. Everything that you do should be done in such a way that you exude the fact that you are on your way to achieving success and helping others achieve it as well. This doesn’t mean that you boast or brag of your success, or talk about it unnecessarily. What Wattles is describing here has more to do with attitude than any words you might express.

“Hold the faith and purpose of increase…Hold it in such a way that every person who comes in contact with you, whether forman, fellow workman, or social acquaintance, will feel the power of purpose radiating from you; so that every one will get the sense of advancement and increase from you.”

Some Cautions, and Concluding Observations

Many might laugh at the idea that there is an exact science of getting rich, believing that the supply of wealth and abundance is limited. Such people would rather believe that wealth comes through superior talent, gifts, or luck.

But this is not true.

Wattles says that if you have the mindset of one who is advancing and you follow the steps that are laid out in this book, as assuredly as multiplying two by two gives you four, following the science of getting rich will guarantee you wealth.

The Science of Getting Rich is the twenty-fourth of fifty-two books in Life Training – Online’s series 52 Personal Development Books in 52 Weeks.

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