This week, Life Training Online is reviewing The Science of Getting Rich: Attracting Financial Success through Creative Thought, by Wallace D. Wattles, the twenty-fourth of fifty-two books in the 52 Personal Development Books in 52 Weeks series.

I’d have to say, what makes The Science of Getting Rich so attractive is its brevity. Wattles doesn’t fill it with a bunch of meaningless dribble. Instead, he clearly and succinctly explains how one can become rich. Nothing more, nothing less.

I know that many will have a hard time swallowing some of the ‘principles’ that Wattles lays out in this book. If you’ve read Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich or watched The Secret and think that those are a bunch of baloney then this book’s definitely not for you. Wattles approach is heavily dependent upon faith — without which, you won’t be able to follow this ‘exact science.’

As for me, I wholly believe in this. I know firsthand the power of faith and belief in all aspects of our lives and know that that same faith can be applied to becoming successful — whether physically, mentally, or in this case monetarily. Sure this book is over 100 years old and the language may be a bit outdated, but the principles aren’t. So with that said, read it for yourself all-the-while keeping an open mind and you may just get rich. :)

The Science of Getting Rich is the twenty-fourth of fifty-two books in Life Training – Online’s series 52 Personal Development Books in 52 Weeks.

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