For those of you who are new to the Power of Intention, and how it is used to create what you desire in life, this post will explain to you the principles behind the power and teach you how to implement it.

But first a lesson in physics…

Quantum Mechanics and Intention

In the last century, physicists made incredible strides in determining the laws that govern our universe. One of these is Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle, which states that we cannot observe something without changing what we are observing. According to Heisenberg, there is no such thing as an independent observer, who can sit on the sidelines watching nature run its course, without influencing it. And since we are part of that nature, the same is true for us in our lives.

Observation and intention are intimately related. In quantum physics, how we observe a particle in a subatomic system determines what it becomes. In the same sense, within a much larger system such as our lives, the way we observe ourselves and our environment determines what becomes of both of these.

Intention has Created What You Are

What might surprise you is the fact that you are already using intention, unawares as you might be, to manifest whatever your current situation in life is. Whether you’re fit or overweight, rich or poor, have a job that you love or hate, in a healthy relationship or not, is determined by your use of intention. “Yeah, but I don’t believe in that, Erich!”, you might say. Well it’s the same as gravity – whether you believe in it or not, you’re still affected.

I personally believe in a God. Yes, an all-knowing, all-loving God who has no other desire than for the well-being and happiness of His children. By using the power of intention I am co-creating my life with the Creator. Now this is not exclusive to only me, or Christians for that matter. Whether you are Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Agnostic or Atheist – this law applies to all. It is no discerner of people, because like gravity it is a law that affects everyone, again whether you believe in it or not.

The sooner you understand this, the sooner you can use this to produce positive change in your life.

How to Make your Intentions Manifest

There exists 3 pillars, each one building upon and enhancing the next, that must be present for your intention to manifest. However, like a tripod, if you were to remove one of these, then it becomes unstable and intention loses its power. These 3 things are your desires, your thoughts, and your focus.

Your desires and thoughts are fairly self explanatory, but I’d like to explain what I mean by focus. Focus has less to do with determination and more to do with observation. What we tend to focus on in our observations of ourselves and life is what I’m getting at here. It also represents looking out for opportunities that our intention sends to us.

There are a lot of people who misunderstand intention and simply think that, because they put the thought out there, it will manifest. However, if there is one thing that I wish you will take from this (and I speak from experience), it is this: When your thoughts, desires, and focus are in harmony, then, and only then, will intention have the power to work miracles in your life. Not beforehand.

An example. If you desire to be thin but your thoughts and focus are on how overweight you are, then your intention to change has no power. If you quickly think how nice it would be to be wealthy, but you’re focusing on what you’re lacking, again there will be no power for change. It’s when you,

  1. Awaken within yourself the desire for wealth (or health)
  2. Align your thoughts with that desire by seeing yourself as wealthy and
  3. Focus on the opportunities that present themselves to create that wealth,

then will you manifest it in your life.

This shows that there is a passive as well as active part to intention. Once you’ve declared your intention and have aligned your thoughts with that desire (active), Providence will at this point take over and send you ways to manifest it (passive). It is here that you need to be on the lookout and act upon those things that come to you – which help you manifest your intention (again active). This is what is meant by co-creation.

My Experience

Lately it’s been my intention to attract more ways of creating time in my life. I’ve recently discovered polyphasic sleeping and photo reading, which I know are a result of my intentions. Some might say its simply because I’m thinking about it more and therefore I’m more aware of it, however this is only part of the reason.

A lot of times, it seems that these ideas have ‘revealed’ themselves to me. I like to think it’s God guiding me and the more I recognize His hand in my life, and act on those revelations, the more of these ideas and manifestations seem to come.

Another intention has been for the viewer base of this blog to increase. I recently learned about social bookmarking sites like Digg and which have increased my numbers dramatically. For example, the recent series on How to Read People hit the first page of both Digg and After the initial surge of viewers (18,000 unique visitors/day), my site has been averaging around 1,000 visitors/day from ~100.

To close, I want to stress the importance of gratitude in all this. As you work with intention to manifest those things that you desire, be sure to be thankful. Whether you believe in God or not, wherever the source of your intention comes from, be sure to express gratitude. There is a definite link between gratitude and abundance. If you want more abundance in your life, be more grateful.

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