This week, Life Training Online is reviewing The Magic of Thinking Big, by David J. Schwartz, the twenty-fifth of fifty-two books in the 52 Personal Development Books in 52 Weeks series.

David Schwartz has definitely written a winner. I found his writing style engaging, easy to follow, and most important of all, memorable. The ‘stickiness’ of his stories combined with the recap at the end of each chapter allowed the content to be easily remembered and because of that, easy to apply.

That’s one of the biggest issues I have with many of the self-help literature. It doesn’t seem to stick. Now I’m well aware of the fact that if you take thorough notes and read the book twenty times over it will become ingrained in your head. However, I just don’t have the time for that. Better said, I don’t want to take the time for that.

With Schwartz’s book, it’s easy-to-read format and stickiness has helped me already apply some of the key items that he teaches in my own life.

Along with some of the other books I recommend in my reviews (I’ve only recommended seven out of the 25 that I’ve reviewed so far), this is definitely a keeper.

The Magic of Thinking Big is the twenty-fifth of fifty-two books in Life Training – Online’s series 52 Personal Development Books in 52 Weeks.

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