Many people refuse to start a project or take action on something until they feel passionate about it.

For example, a good friend of mine has been telling me for the last five years now that he wants to go to night school, but whenever I ask him if he has signed up for classes yet, he always responds with something to the effect of “No, I just haven’t got around to it.” However, just recently that old subject came up again and this time I decided to dig a little deeper. He told me that the reason he’s waffling on whether to go or not has to do with not being sure if he’s passionate about the subject he’s interested in.

While I agree that passion is an important part in achieving your goal, it is not necessarily a prerequisite. For passion is not what begins a project or aim — the decision to act is.

Here’s the key: decide on a course of action and focus your intent. As you take the necessary actions and move in the direction of your intended goal (blogger, artist, belly dancer, professional video-gamer) your passion will evolve and grow.

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