I’ve continued to maintain the sleep schedule that I’ve set up over the last week with great success. For the most part, I find it easy to get up after the 3-hour core sleep and can maintain the intermittent 20-min naps spread at three different blocks throughout the day. My schedule is fairly consistent in that I go to bed around 11 pm, get up at 2 am, and nap at 7 am, 12 noon, and at 7 pm.

As far as experimenting goes, I haven’t gone too crazy with trying out new things. I have been successful however with being able to spread the naps out a few hours forward and back from my ‘planned’ naptime. For example, I am a cub-scout leader in a near-by city and every Tuesday we have our weekly den meetings. Because the meetings start at 7 pm and finish at 8 pm I am unable to take my nap then. So I ended up taking it when i got back home at around 9 pm. I didn’t have any issues with this and found it to be quite easy to hit all the successive naps and sleep time.

Napping at work sometimes poses a problem for me. For the most part, since I have an hour break for lunch, I am able to go out in my car, drop the seat down, and nap for 20 minutes. However, with looming deadlines and pressure to finish them, I sometimes have to get certain tasks done and take a ‘working lunch’ — forcing me to take a nap later in the afternoon. The worst one yet was on Friday when I had to take it at 3 pm instead of the normal 12 noontime nap. I was definitely feeling pretty ragged when 3 o’clock hit.

Another observation that I’ve made is with regards to eating. If I eat a heavy meal before I nap, I almost always wake up feeling groggy. So what I’ll typically do (and this is more so for my noon nap than any other time) is nap right before I need to eat so I don’t suffer that ‘clouded-headed’ feeling. This also holds true for the 11 pm to 2 am core sleep. Since I typically eat dinner around 6 or 7 pm anyways, I’m usually fine. But if I eat a heavy meal later in the day (say around 9 pm) I feel pretty wrecked when I need to get up at 2 am.

This brings me to another point. I am not a vegetarian. It’s interesting that Steve Pavlina (and many other successful polyphasic sleepers) have been vegetarians. Many have attributed their success in adapting to a polyphasic sleep schedule to the fact that they’ve been vegan or vegetarian. I for the most part I eat healthy but I do eat a lot of meat and other ‘heavy’ foods. I haven’t found it to be an issue with regards to adapting to this sleep schedule though (other than if I eat right before I need to nap or sleep).

It may also be due to the fact that I’m not on the Uberman sleep schedule (basically where you nap for 20 min every four hours for a total of 2-hours sleep). Maybe that kind of diet is necessary if you want to be successful on that schedule. If that is the case, I guess the Everyman is the polyphasic sleep schedule for carnivores. ;)

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