After a full week of polyphasic sleeping on the Everyman sleep schedule, I’d definitely say I’m adapted at this point. I am finally able to sit down and read without dosing off and I have surprisingly great mental clarity — especially during the wee hours of the morning. This mental clarity I feel, is one of the most beneficial ‘side-effects’ of polyphasic sleeping. If I religiously take my naps, there’s is no any one time of the day where I feel mentally sluggish.

Lately I’ve been visiting some of the polyphasic-sleeping forums out on the web and have found some great discussions out there. One interesting point that someone brought up was that polyphasic sleeping is in many ways like meditation. Set at multiple times throughout the day, these short naps still the mind and bring clarity to thought. This ‘still mind’ phenomenon is one of the major goals of meditation practice. I find that as soon as I wake up after one of the naps, I’ve achieved this ‘still mind’ or an Alpha brain wave state — where I don’t have any thoughts spinning through my head. This is much more pronounced in the early-morning hours.

Overall the early-morning hours have a different ‘feel’ about them than day hours. I don’t think it is just because the sun isn’t out because I don’t get this feeling in the evening. A better way to describe it that there’s simply a peace about this time. My mind feels at ease and I seem to have greater clarity of thought. It’s definitely my favorite time of the day.

I’m pretty sure I’ll be trying the 1.5-hour core Everyman schedule. Instead of sleeping for 3 hours at night and then taking three 20-min naps spread throughout the day, I will be attempting to sleep a 1.5 hour core sleep at night and taking four 20-min naps spread throughout the day. If I do attempt that, I’ll make sure to write about it.

With all this extra time, I’m considering starting another blog about some of the other interests I have. I’ll keep you posted if I do.

Since a full week has gone by and there doesn’t seem to be too many changes going forward, I will post another article a week from today detailing any new developments that might happen from day 8 to day 14.

With Christmas coming up combined with the slow-down of time that I’m experiencing, I’m reminded of my childhood and how the month of December seemed to always drag on. Christmas never came soon enough. My excitement for that holiday caused every day to slow down to the point of crawling. However, in my adulthood, every December seemed to go by faster and faster the older I got. It’s nice that this new sleep schedule is bringing a little bit of my childhood back again. I’m actually finding the time to get excited about the holidays again! ;)

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