After finishing six days on the Everyman sleep schedule it continues to get easier. I think I can now say that I’m almost completely adapted to this.

I’ve really come to enjoy the night-time ‘shift’ as I call it. I get free run of the house and it stays quiet for around 5 hours straight (unless my baby daughter decides to wake up). I’ve been especially enjoying going outside for a few minutes at around 3 am and looking at the sky and breathing the chill winter air. It’s been especially beautiful since we’ve been getting snow — I love New England. Last night the moon was so bright it was somewhat surreal.

My wife has also been enjoying this. She loves that when my daughter starts crying that I’ll go get her and stay up with her until she falls back asleep. Also, since I’ve been getting quite a lot done around the house, she’s been especially grateful.

Unfortunately, with all this extra time, I’ve even found time to waste again. I’ve been spending at least an hour every night playing video games. It looks like I need to recommit to some of my priorities/goals again. Staying away from mindless activities like video games wasn’t difficult when I was sleeping normal because I simply did not have any extra time for it. But now that I have around 4 extra hours every night, I will need to discipline myself on how best to use it.

Besides the other things I’ve spoken about (lack of hunger, lucid & vivid dreams, feeling cold etc), I’d say one of the most apparent changes is the appearance of time. Since I’m awake most of the time now, the days seem to stretch and the last 6 days seem to have puttered along. This is by no means a bad thing. In fact I really enjoy the feeling that time is slowing down. I feel less stressed, my mind seems somewhat quieter, and I’ve noticed that I even walk slower. It’s like my body realizes that I have no need to rush anymore because there’s plenty of time. It’s quite nice actually — I hope this is a permanent change.

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