Last night was by far the worst night yet. It was a real struggle to stay awake during the 2am to 7am ‘shift’ and I was stuck doing tasks that didn’t require a lot of mental activity.

Despite the feeling that there is a constant fog surrounding my brain, I must say that all this extra time is quite the blessing. I’ve been able to get quite a bit done around the house in the last two days.

So far I’ve finished painting my daughter’s room, I’ve built my toolbox, put up insulation under the floor boards of my home, fixed my wife’s computer, sanded my daughter’s toy chest, cleaned up the house every night (much to my wife’s delight) and began training in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) again (beginning at 6am).

I still am not quite able to sit down and read or write without getting really drowsy. Most — if not all — of the activities are active. I hope this changes. The biggest reason for doing this was to find more time to invest in my blog, as well as some other ventures that I want to pursue. If this ‘fog’ remains a constant it will not be worth it for me.

For better or worse, I plan on giving this a full 30-day test. If after 30 days the ‘Everyman’ sleep schedule isn’t helping me pursue the things that I’ve set goals towards achieving, then I will end it. On the other hand, if it really can give me the same mental alertness as I experience during daylight hours, then I may continue it indefinitely.

All in all, despite the fatigue and sleep deprivation, I’m really enjoying this experiment. I enjoy activities that push me mentally and physically. I guess I live by the maxim that “pain is weakness leaving the body.” I know that sounds a bit masochistic but I’ve really noticed that the more that I push myself either physically or mentally, the more capacity I have to withstand or overcome future adversity. Sure, this is nothing other than an organisms adaptation response, but it’s still cool. ;)

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