It’s currently 4:34am and I’ve almost made it through the second night on the ‘Everyman’ sleep schedule. I’m starting to really feel sleep deprived and it’s going to take some massive will if this continues to get worse.

The 20-min naps continue to be surprisingly restorative, however they’re far enough apart that getting through the in-between time is real difficult. I assume that this will get better as my body adapts to the sleep schedule. Surprisingly, I’ve had no issues getting up right away and I’ve made sure to get the blood flowing by doing a few sets of pushups and sit-ups which has helped tremendously.

The hardest time for me is by far the evening into morning phase (from 2am when I get up until my 7am nap). I’ve noticed that so far I’m unable to sit and read or watch television. Those kind of passive activities make me very drowsy and I’m curious to see after the adaptation phase if it at all changes. As long as I stay physically or mentally active throughout the night it’s bearable although still far from ideal.

From what I’ve read, the goal is to get the body to adapt in such a way that it begins to pack in the necessary sleep stages within the 20-min nap units. Since REM is the last part of the sleep cycle, you know you’ve reached this stage if you wake up from one of those 20-min naps and remember a dream. Last night was the first time I experienced that — and the dream was very vivid.

I’ve heard of others who’ve done the full Uberman sleep schedule talk about how vivid their dreams are. I’m not sure if being on the Everyman sleep schedule compares but I can’t imagine last night’s dream being any more vivid. It’s nice to know that I’m entering into REM sleep so early on in the adaptation period. I thought that it would take longer.

As far as other observations I did notice that I’m not that hungry throughout the night. I’m not sure if that’s a function of my circadian rhythm or something else, but whatever it is my appetite seems suppressed during the night. Perhaps humans adapted in such a way that, because of their poor vision at night, their appetites were suppressed so that they did not go wandering in the dark to find food and end up becoming a midnight snack for some saber-toothed tiger.

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