Well it’s been almost a month now since being on the Everyman sleep schedule. Since I last wrote, there has not been any changes or developments that are worth writing here and unless something changes, this will probably be the last post on the subject. I still want to try the 1.5-hour core sleep with 4 naps spread throughout the day, so if that happens I’ll definitely keep you posted.

If this is the first time you’ve read about my polyphasic sleep experiment check out my first post on polyphasic sleep to get some background on what I’m doing. In a nutshell, I’ve been successful at adapting to a multi- or “poly”-phased sleep schedule that consists of sleeping one core sleep period for 3 hours (typically 11pm to 2am) and then taking three 20-min naps spread throughout the day (again typically 7am, 12pm, and 7pm).

As far as sticking to the schedule in the last week, I’ve had no issues except during my Christmas vacation. Given that I’ve had a lot of various Christmas parties, it’s been pretty difficult taking some of my scheduled naps — the most difficult being the 7pm nap.

In the last post I was explaining how I’ve been able to push out a nap or two for a couple of hours without losing any mental alertness or becoming overly tired. However, due to one of the parties, this last week I had to skip a nap entirely, because I didn’t have anywhere to go take one. By the time I did my core sleep (which I had to postpone for a few hours because the party went late) I ended up sleeping through the alarm and waking up after 6 hours instead of 3. So it seems that much like people’s experiences with the Uberman sleep schedule, the Everyman isn’t very forgiving when it comes to skipping your regularly-scheduled naps.

As a side note, I’d like to mention that I broke one of my ribs while training in Martial Arts this last week. The doctor told me to hold off doing anything strenuous for about six weeks. It will be interesting to see if polyphasic sleep has any effect (good or bad) on the healing process.

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