If you haven’t yet read my previous review on John Chow’s blog, then make sure you check it out. Some of the many tips he offers, besides how to make money online, are different ways to market your blog. For example, as I wrote about in the review, he will link to your blog/site if you write a review about his blog. This provides him with some quality back links as well as providing you with a great link from a very popular blog. (This will easily increase your Technorati ranking).

Putting a different twist on it, I’ve decided to do something similar, offering something back to the blogging community in terms of a raffle (…and a link back!). It’s easy to enter, here are the rules:

You get one entry per blog. To provide a little motivation:

The first 25 people who enter get counted as 4 entries each;
The second 25 get counted as 3 entries each;
The third 25 get counted as 2 entries each; and finally,
The remaining 225 get counted as 1 entry each.

The prize I’ll be offering is dependent upon how many links I get back to my blog. I’ll be running this until May 31st or until 300 links come in (which ever comes first) after which I’ll contact the winner (chosen randomly from the list of entries) to send them their prize. The more people who get involved, the better the prize, so be sure to tell your blogging friends!

To qualify for an entry, all you have to do is link to this post using the words (the links must be intact) “Life Training – Online, a blog dedicated to self improvement and personal development is hosting a free raffle where you can win an 80GB iPod Video! Read this post to learn how you can enter.” As well as any other words you feel you’d like to write.

Here’s the scale:

Less than 100 Links: You’ll receive the dollar equivalent of the number of links that I receive or an Amazon gift card equal to that dollar amount.
100+ Links: An iPod Shuffle (2nd Generation [color of you choice]) or $100 cash
200+ Links: An iPod Video (30GB) or $200 cash
300 Links: An iPod Video (80GB) or $300 cash

(If you are chosen as the winner, and you vouch for the cash prize, be advised that you must have a PayPal account for this, as it is the only way I can send you money at this time)

First 25 Entries (and counting…):

Lady Tawodi
Nancy’s Life
Ronaldo Comacho dot Com
Make Money Online with Malaysia Love Agloco
The West Virginia Blogger
Global Warming Awareness 2007
The Wonderful World of Sean
If You Could See What I See
Simple Diet Recipes and Plans
Jinxed Panda

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