Wow I can’t believe it has been 8 days already. If you’d have asked me on day 3 I wouldn’t think this fast would ever end but now I’m rather enjoying this lemonade drink. I’m still considerably cold throughout the day as a result of drinking the mixture cold; one thing I haven’t tried yet is making a batch of the lemonade and using warm water instead of cold water. Perhaps I’ll try that tomorrow.

There still has been no degradation in my workouts; in fact I was able to go up in all my previous weights. I still get fairly tired in the evening times around 9 or 10pm. This wasn’t the case previously as I would usually stay up until 11pm at least.

Today my tongue appeared pink for the first time, and I’m no longer eliminating solids. This is a good sign of a clean body according to Stanley Burroughs. Tomorrow we’ll see if this is just a fluke or if it will remain.

Oh, by the way…no more chicken craving. In fact that is the last thing I feel like eating right now. Maybe he was right.

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