Wierd…today I had that craving for chicken again. It wasn’t as intense as yesterday, but the craving was still there. According to the book, those kinds of cravings are supposed to go away with the next mornings bowel movements. Well that didn’t happen. Possibly there’s something in chicken that my body needs and it’s trying to tell me that.

The days are getting easier and easier to go without food. Although I called it a chicken “craving” I would have to say it is more like a chicken “urge”; I really have no hunger for food, I just get an urge for it now and then. Does that make sense?

There is definitely a feeling of lightness throughout my body. With more energy and this lighter feeling it’s as if I’m coming to recognize my true self once again. The energy continues to last throughout the day and only in the evening does my body want to shut down, again most likely because it’s entering the cleaning stage again.

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