Today was certainly better than yesterday. I hope that yesterday marks the end of the feeling of intense hunger. It’s a bit strange. It’s as if my body tried one last ditch effort to make me eat and upon seeing that I wasn’t going to give in it let out a big sigh and said “Ok, I guess he’s not eating anymore. Let’s make this as pleasant as possible for him”. Today has been pretty easy. I was able to make it through the whole day with my mind completely off of food. I even had more of the lemonade left over that I needed to finish at the end of the day as opposed to trying to purposely ration it throughout the day.

The cleansing side effects are still very apparent. It’s been five days now since I’ve eaten anything solid and I’m still eliminating waste from my bowels; amazing what’s still in me. The Salt-Water Flush has not lost any of it’s thunder, that’s for sure. What an effective purge I tell you! Sometimes it feels quite hot coming out. Originally I thought that this was due to the cayenne pepper, however I’ve read that it is toxic acid. I don’t know if it’s really acid but it’s definitely toxic. (I’m sure you wanted to hear that).

I forgot to write that last night was the first time I’ve noticed that I am losing weight. My face has lost it’s slight pudginess and the little fat mound under my chin has dissappeared to leave a defined jaw line. There is still a little bit of fat on my stomach: I haven’t been able to see my abs for about a year now. This weight loss is not just water loss, although I’m sure I’ve lost quite a bit in water weight. It’s definitely apparent that I’m losing adipose tissue as well.

My energy levels are still steady and appear to be rising. That’s a great thing. One thing I have noticed though is I tend to get tired earlier in the evening than usual. This could be due to my body trying to shut down earlier so as to dedicate more time to the cleansing process.

…and yes my tongue is still white.

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