If I thought yesterday was the worst day ever I was completely off base. Today was by far more difficult to get through than any other day before. At this rate I’ll be eating this keyboard by day 10. The 100 or so ounces of lemonade that I bring to work everyday was almost gone by 4pm so I had to ration the rest until I got home, which wasn’t until almost 8pm!

Because this drink becomes so monotonous I’ve begun to really enjoy drinking the herbal tea at night. It’s a long-awaited respite that warms the chill of the day (I’m constantly cold). As for the Salt-Water Flush, it’s been easier to get it down; it’s not pleasant in any sense of the word, but it’s at least bearable now.

Another interesting side effect that has emerged is my heightened sense of smell. It seems that every little scent is rushing into my olfactory canal and smells that I’ve never noticed before are now apparent. The contrast between the stale office air and the wonderful fragrances of the spring air are very noticeable now.

Despite the lack of food, my energy level now seems better. I’ve purged myself of the caffeine habit a while ago, so I don’t require a mid-afternoon boost to function like some of my peers do, however I’ve always felt a little more tired during that time. Today it seemed my energy level had remained constant throughout the day. This must be attributed to the fact that I’m not eating lunch so my body isn’t required to expend as much energy in the digestion process.

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday I work out with weights. I thought that this week would be tough because of the fast and I almost considered stopping my workout during these 10-days. I decided to continue training to see how my body would react. Funny thing is I was able to lift more today than last week on a normal diet of meat, vegetables and some junk food.

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