Ughhh…Today has been pretty rough. Although I enjoy experimenting and increasing my present limitations, I’m glad I’ll be sleeping soon to take my mind off of food. The cravings for something of substance besides a liquid have become the worst today than any of the previous days.

Some interesting observations: I’ve noticed that my core temperature must have dropped a little bit because I’m constantly cold. Having read that the cayenne pepper is supposed to prevent that, I nevertheless definitely feel much colder than usual. Normally I’m like a human furnace, emitting enough BTUs to heat the person next to me. Now however, I feel like a wraith sucking the life energy out of anything warm I can get close to. It doesn’t help that I sit below an air vent at work; normally it’s quite pleasant, now it’s torture. Always wanting to have practiced cold training anyways (learning to withstand the cold), this will give me the perfect opportunity.

Some other side effect of the cleansing is the ill-famed white tongue. In his book, Mr. Burroughs says that you are clean and ready to come off the fast when you notice that your tongue is no longer coated with a white substance. Since this is the first day I’ve noticed it I guess it will be a little longer until it goes away.

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