Well Dr. Burroughs wasn’t kidding when he called it the Salt-Water Flush! Man, it’s more like the salt-water gush. I guess that gravity thing he was talking about really works. It went straight through me in about 20 min. Then it came on again for a second time. At this rate I’ll probably be all cleaned out by Day 3. This salt-water concoction is definitely hard to swallow…literally. It almost came back up again but I managed to force it down. Isn’t it supposed to come out the other end?

The lemonade drink was pretty pleasant to have all day yesterday and I didn’t even really experience any hunger pains. It was as if my body was aware that I was trying to do something good to it so it never signalled the typical noon- or eveningtime hunger pains. Today however I started to feel the hunger pains coming on. Fortunately the lemonade tastes good so I just ended up drowning the pains with a few gulps of the drink.

Another thing I noticed today is that the longer the cayenne pepper remains in the drink the hotter it gets. Either that or my sensitivity to the pepper has suddenly increased throughout the day.

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