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When I wake up tomorrow morning it will have been 10 days of experimenting with the lemonade diet (also known as the lemonade fast or Master Cleanse). Today someone at work told me I looked like I was glowing; this must be as a result of looking healthy or possibly I’m so excited to eat solid food again that I’m glowing with anticipation. In reality I feel great. There’s a lightness in my step and my passion for life has been rekindled. I have so much energy now.

Here are the results of my fast:

  • Lost about 8 lbs.
  • Feel increased energy.
  • Increased desire to eat healthy foods.
  • Feel an overall “lightness” in body and mind.
  • A general excitement for life has returned.
  • Feel a clearness in thought.
  • Improved reflexes…maybe?

Again I have to say that this lemonade diet has definitely been a success. I plan on doing this at least once every year, preferably twice a year. This should maintain a healthy digestive system and a healthy way of life. If you would like to read the book and want to try it out for yourself you can find it at Amazon under The Lemonade Diet or The Master Cleanser

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