Do you guys remember AllAdvantage back in the late 90s? It was a site that basically paid you to surf the Internet. What was even better was that it paid you for the surfing time of those you referred as well, down to 4 levels. It had great success, signing up more than 10 million users. Unfortunately, the timing was off and it fell with many others during the DotCom crash. This was mainly due to paying their users a fixed price per hour, so when advertising revenue went down with the recession, they couldn’t keep up with expected profits and were forced to close shop. Nevertheless, they kept their promises and paid every single user every single surfing hour that they accrued.

AllAdvantage is back to try it again, but with a new name this time – AGLOCO (A Global Community). They’ve also learned from their past mistakes and changed their business model. Instead of paying users a fixed amount per hour, which buried them last time, they now give a share of the advertising revenues they earn. If they can sign up as many users as last time and keep their advertising revenue up, they’re due for success and we can be a part of it!

The way to a share of the advertising revenues is through the AGLOCO Viewbar. It’s installed at the bottom of your browser (as you can see in the picture below) and when you run it, AGLOCO pays you for the time you surf the web (currently up to 5 hours/month). After you reach the 5 hour mark, you can turn the Viewbar off until the next month. However, the real advantage comes in its network marketing business model. Not only do you get paid for the time that you earn while surfing, but for the time that each of your referrals spend as well as the time that your extended referrals spend, down to 4 levels. Because this tree can go as wide as you want it, there is no limit to the growth you can make.

AGLOCO toolbar

To see the power of this network marketing approach (using the AGLOCO member calculator), if you were to sign up 10 people and each of those people in turn signed up 5 people, and those signed up 5 each, filling up the four levels, you would earn 9,767.50 a month! However, lest you get too excited, this figure doesn’t represent a dollar amount but rather an hourly amount that is used towards stock in the company and a cash value amount. The stock value will be determined at a future date. If you want to see possible revenue potential read The Simmons Report on AGLOCO.

If this grows as much as AllAdvantage did, then huge profits are possible. Whether they can grow it as they did back with AllAdvantage, that remains to be seen. However, since it’s so easy to sign up and refer others, trying this out is a no-brainer. Plus, if you don’t get anything out of it, at least you haven’t lost anything (unless you think using the web is a waste of time), but the potential could be huge. John Chow, for example, signed up over 10,000 people and made over $25,000 back during the AllAdvantage days! So the concept does work.

You’ll notice that after signing up, they will send you your AGLOCO id which you can append to their URL and send it as an invite to friends through email or post it on your blog or website like I’m doing right now. For example, my URL is You would just replace BBBS9350 with your ID and you’ll get all the referral credits.

Unfortunately the ViewBar software is not yet ready for download. They are pending it’s release for the end of this month or the beginning of next month. But now would be a good time to start building your network.

You can sign up for AGLOCO here.

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