With the new year fast approaching, many of us amidst the bustle of the holidays will hopefully be able to seek out a moment to sit down and set some goals for 2007. In previous years, I’m sure you have most likely done this. Perhaps you had your sights set on a healthy, fit body, or a level of monetary success, maybe a renewal of your relationships, or perhaps even a budding new one. Whatever your focus was, I’m sure many of you (me included) have started with palatial plans only to have them fizzle out by February. How is it then, that you can make lasting change in your life? It’s only through aligning your goals with your core desires that you will find the ability to keep your commitments this coming year, or any time to come.

So what exactly are your core desires? Core desires are the deep-rooted passions that drive your interests, choices, and in many ways, your life. There is tangible power in these desires that many of us fail to use when we set goals. And because many of our goals are not rooted in these core desires, definitive change is very unlikely.

Let’s take money as an example. Perhaps you’re telling yourself, “My core desire is to have a lot of money.” But look a little deeper. Is that really your core desire? Do you think you really want money, a bunch of colored paper that’s full of germs after being handled by millions of people? Probably not. It is your personal idea of what money represents to you, that you’re after. After asking myself some probing questions, I’ve realized that wealth symbolizes financial independence, which further symbolizes freedom for me; Freedom to learn, to travel and experience life at a greater level. Since learning and growth are some of my core desires, and becoming financially independent is a way to help me achieve those core desires, I know that money will come into my life.

Again, if you simply state that your goal is to make a lot of money just for the sake of making money, you will not see any lasting power to realize that goal. This is true for anything else in your life, be it fitness, schooling, a relationship and so on.

It’s the same thing with the Principle of Intention. You may put the intention out there that you want something, but unless it is something that you really desire, it will not be realized. This is because you will most likely fail to act on the opportunities that present themselves as a result of your intention. Does that make sense?

Basically, it is only when your goal or intention is in alignment with one of your core desires, that you will do everything in your power to achieve it.

One of my mentors once told me, “The greater the need, the greater the results.” He then went on to describe a situation. “Close your eyes and imagine this. You left on a hike through the woods about a mile from your car. It is the beginning of winter and you arrive at a pond that has a few frozen patches of ice here and there. It is then that you notice a $5 bill lying on one of the patches of ice that you could easily swim to. Would you swim out and get it? Probably not. But even if you did, you would most likely suffer hypothermia before you made it to your car.”

“Now, imagine that your 2-year old child found a stretch of frozen ice out to the middle of the pond and fell through. What would you do? Like a crazed animal, you would dive in without thinking, crash through any ice that is in your way, grab your child and run with him the whole way to your car, never once feeling the least bit cold.” Again, the greater the need, the greater the results.

As you’re setting some new-years resolutions this month, I want you to discover exactly why it is that you chose these specific goals. Dig deep to find out what the core desires are behind them. If you can’t figure out why you want your goal, it’s most likely something that’s not really important to you. Or you’re trying to please someone else which, in any case, it’s best you discard it. When you can learn to set goals that are backed by your core desires, you’ll create a great need. Only then will you awaken within yourself a powerful, driving force that will help you overcome any trials or obstacles that stand in the way of you and your ‘resolution’ this year.

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