This week, Life Training Online will be reviewing Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity by David Allen, the third of fifty-two books in the 52 Personal Development Books in 52 Weeks series.

For those involved in learning about personal productivity, the GTD (Getting Things Done) phenomenon is probably nothing new to you and this week’s review will probably be old hat. But if you’ve never heard of it, be prepared to learn some skills that will simplify your life and cause your personal productivity to take a quantum leap!

The GTD following has become so huge that, according to Wired Magazine, it is “the new cult for the information age”. There are even entire sites built upon the principles David Allen sets forth in his book. Some notable ones being 43 Folders and

The main principle behind GTD, which I will cover in detail, involves moving your tasks out of your mind by recording them somewhere. That way, the mind is freed from having to remember everything that needs to be done, and can concentrate on actually performing those tasks.
Although it might seem that Allen’s system was created solely for today’s “knowledge worker” in the professional environment, you will see that it is just as applicable to one’s home environment and projects as well. So stay tuned…

Getting Things Done is the third of fifty-two books in Life Training – Online’s series 52 Personal Development Books in 52 Weeks.

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