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Overcoming Procrastination with Preparation and Planning

Posted by admin on February 5th, 2007

What I’ve come to learn is that people don’t simply put things off, postpone, or procrastinate because of a lack of purpose, but rather a lack of preparation and planning. We’ve all experienced this: We know what it is that we want, where it is we want to go, but because we don’t know how [...]

10 Essential Lists to Keep in your PDA

Posted by admin on January 27th, 2007

I remember back in the late 90s when the first Palm Pilots came out. I was instantly hooked. Now over 10 years later, I don’t think I could function without one. If you’re the PDA-carrying type like I am, then you probably think you have all the info you need on it already. However just [...]

The 4 Levels of Emergency Preparedness

Posted by admin on October 13th, 2006

Even though mild disasters frequently happen in the world today and major disasters are not that uncommon, many people are still caught off guard. Are you or your family prepared for an emergency if it were to happen? Although we cannot know exactly when disaster will strike, we can at least be ready to deal [...]