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Where did the Body for Life final update go?

Posted by admin on April 21st, 2007

I was just informed that I hadn’t written the final update of the Body for Life program I was doing. Surprised (because it’s written) I checked it out in my WordPress admin and realized that the post was on Private all along. Somehow I never caught that. So sorry about that. Here’s a link to [...]

Body for Life: Final Update

Posted by admin on April 9th, 2007

Wow! These 12 weeks went by way too fast. I can’t believe I’m already at the end of the Body for Life program! So how did it go? If you check out the final stats you can see more details, but here’s a summary: My fat percentage went from 18.1% to 10.2%. That equates to [...]

Body for Life – Weeks 8 – 10 Update

Posted by admin on March 29th, 2007

These last three weeks haven’t seen tremendous gains in muscle weight. It seems like I’m going through a hard-gainer period. I’m pleasantly surprised however with the fat loss though. According to my electric scale (which measures fat percentage along with weight) it doesn’t seem like I’ve lost a lot. However, it’s definitely noticeable in the [...]

Body for Life Update – Week 7

Posted by admin on March 7th, 2007

I was especially surprised this week when I stepped on the scale and saw the big drop in body-fat percentage. It went from a 16.1% to a 13.6%. Almost 3% in one week! I’m also noticing more visual changes to my body when I look in the mirror – my abs are starting to show [...]

Body for Life Update – Week 6 (The Goal Edition)

Posted by admin on February 26th, 2007

Having just finished week six, marks the half-way point in my Body for Life experiment. It definitely hasn’t gone as well as I initially expected. Either that or my measurements are way off. I’ve calculated that I’ve lost a total of 4 lbs of body fat and gained 2 lbs of muscle. I guess that’s [...]

Body for Life – Week 4 & 5 Update

Posted by admin on February 22nd, 2007

These last two weeks have been a roller coaster ride. Last week, my first baby was born, which was nothing less of a miracle. And on top of this new addition to our family, I’ve recently started a new job which has taken a lot of time away from updating this site. With all these [...]

Body for Life – Week 3 Update

Posted by admin on February 6th, 2007

Although I lost around 2 pounds and another percentage of body fat, I’m still not satisfied with the pace of the results. For some reason, I would think that I should be having quicker results. It must be from competing in Jiu-Jitsu where, like collegiate wrestling, we went to some pretty extreme measures to lose [...]

Body for Life – Week 2 Update

Posted by admin on January 29th, 2007

I just finished posting the results of my second week on the Body for Life program. Again, if you haven’t yet read the Body for Life blog post, check it out for some background. After looking at this past weeks results, I expected more in terms of improvements. I know it’s a little premature, but [...]

Body for Life – Week 1 Update

Posted by admin on January 20th, 2007

Today I finished my first week on the 12-week Body for Life program. If you’ve ever seen the before & after pics that are on their website and in the magazines, you may have a hard time believing those people truly achieved such dramatic results in only 12 weeks. That’s partly why I’m interested in [...]

Body for Life

Posted by admin on January 14th, 2007

Since many people have been interested (and some even participated) in the 10-day Lemonade Fast that I undertook last year, I thought of starting a new project, this time a 12-week one. For the next 12 weeks I’ll be undertaking the Body for Life Challenge. First, let me give you some background… One of my [...]