Since many people have been interested (and some even participated) in the 10-day Lemonade Fast that I undertook last year, I thought of starting a new project, this time a 12-week one. For the next 12 weeks I’ll be undertaking the Body for Life Challenge.

First, let me give you some background…

One of my focuses for personal development this year is to return to the shape that I was in while competing in Martial Arts (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu). Because I had relocated back to my roots (Boston Massachusetts area) and got married, my focuses have shifted toward career development and supporting my family and away from competing and athletics. But since recently changing careers, I’ve been given the added blessing of more time. More time to focus again on my physical development, while keeping all of the other things that are important in my life a priority. It’s not that I’m badly out of shape at this moment or unhealthy; For the most part, I actually live and eat quite healthy. But this past year has been one of the worst for me as far as exercising goes, and my energy level has suffered for it. Therefore, I will put a greater focus on my level of overall fitness this year. With the ultimate goal of making this a life-long habit. And this is where I come to this challenge.

Because I’m keenly aware of the power of social accountability in achieving ones goals, I’m willing to put myself out there (regularly journaling about my experiences as well as posting before and after pictures of myself as I go through this process). I know that if there are thousands of people watching to see if I can do it, it will give me all the more motivation to succeed.

Exercising and living a healthy lifestyle should be a permanent aspect of life, so I’m not interested in a get-fit-quick scheme or a yo-yo diet. That’s the main reason I am drawn to the Body for Life Challenge. Being 12 weeks long, it allows plenty enough time to establish a solid and well-formed habit in my life, and most importantly, it’s foundation lies in living a healthy lifestyle. This program was made popular 7 years ago by Bill Phillips, author of the book Body For Life. Although I’m sure he’s made millions selling his nutritional supplements alongside of promoting his Body for Life Challenge, there’s no arguing that he’s helped over 2 million people improve their lives by making dramatic changes in their overall physical fitness.

So with that said, tomorrow begins Day 1 of my Body for Life challenge. In the next few days I’ll be setting up a page dedicated specifically to my progress and development over the next 12 weeks. If you’re interested in having a little social pressure through participating with me, just send me a message from the contact page. I’ll dedicate a section of the page to you and your progress. This will be an ongoing challenge, and as such, there is no required start date for you to participate. Finally, remember to seek your doctors approval before undertaking any big lifestyle changes.

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