These last three weeks haven’t seen tremendous gains in muscle weight. It seems like I’m going through a hard-gainer period. I’m pleasantly surprised however with the fat loss though. According to my electric scale (which measures fat percentage along with weight) it doesn’t seem like I’ve lost a lot. However, it’s definitely noticeable in the mirror. The fact that I can clearly see defined abs is proof of that. I’m not sure how accurate the fat measuring device is on that scale.

So far, I’ve been quite happy with the results. I haven’t had to make any drastic changes in my lifestyle beyond adding two more days of exercise. And the dietary changes I have made (eating six small well-balanced meals throughout the day as opposed to 3 larger meals) leave me feeling better with constant energy throughout the day.

At this point, I can most definitely say that this program is a keeper and will be something that I add to my daily routine. That was the purpose of this experiment for me anyways — to find an exercise and wellness program that would easily fit into my lifestyle. I think you’ll be surprised with the “after” pictures come April.

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