Although I lost around 2 pounds and another percentage of body fat, I’m still not satisfied with the pace of the results. For some reason, I would think that I should be having quicker results. It must be from competing in Jiu-Jitsu where, like collegiate wrestling, we went to some pretty extreme measures to lose weight fast. For example, to make our weight class, we would do extreme fasting and run sprints while wearing trash bags to lose body water.

I need to understand that, contrary to my competitive days, this is a much healthier rate of weight loss.

I have been feeling a lot more energy lately though. I was going through a slump for a while where I was feeling listless and depressed sometimes. I knew it had to do with my lack of physical activity, so I know this is definitely helping. I’ve also improved with the planning of my daily meals, which I can see helped considerably in sticking to the plan.

As a side note, I realized that I was using the wrong calculation on my scale to measure body fat percentage. I made the updates to the scale and now it puts me at a more accurate amount of being in the teens instead of the twenties as I originally had it. All updates to my progress, as always, can be found on my Body for Life Home Page.

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