I just finished posting the results of my second week on the Body for Life program. Again, if you haven’t yet read the Body for Life blog post, check it out for some background.

After looking at this past weeks results, I expected more in terms of improvements. I know it’s a little premature, but I thought that after exercising 6 days in a row, I would have lost at least more fat that only .8%. A weight increase is understandable (it actually only increased by .2 lbs) because of the muscle weight that I put on, but at first I thought my body fat would have decreased faster than it has done. It’s not that bad though, because after calculating it out, my body-fat percentage (at a .8% decrease per week) will end up being around 11% – which is a healthy decrease over the 12-week period.

As far as improvements go, I could have been more diligent in planning my daily meals. Planning and sticking to my exercise routines were no problem, however I failed to plan my daily meals, which explained the skipping of meals and eating whatever was convenient. This week, I will be focusing more on that part of the program. It will be interesting to see if it will be reflected in the fat percentage changes by next Monday.

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