I was especially surprised this week when I stepped on the scale and saw the big drop in body-fat percentage. It went from a 16.1% to a 13.6%. Almost 3% in one week! I’m also noticing more visual changes to my body when I look in the mirror – my abs are starting to show and my arms and legs are becoming more defined. What did I do differently this week you might ask? Well, I actually ate more raw vegetables during my meals and less cooked foods. I don’t think I’m necessarily introducing less calories to my diet, perhaps my body is more efficient at eliminating and processing raw foods than the cooked variety.

Giving that my weight actually went up this week and my fat percentage went down must mean that I’ve gained muscle mass this past week as well. It makes sense considering that I was able to go up in weight in almost all my exercises.

Summary for the week? Well, so far so good. The challenge seems to be going along well and it appears that I’m making some considerable gains (again depending on how accurate my measurements are and the scale is ;) ). All in all though, the pictures at the end won’t lie, so I better be ready.

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