If you’ve ever hung out in the personal development section of the major bookstores, you may have been overwhelmed with the extensive number of volumes related to the subject. With all this information, where do you begin? And of these titles, are there specific must-read books out there which are essential for your own growth and understanding? Well, over the next 52 weeks I’ll attempt to answer these questions.

Inspired by Trent over at The Simple Dollar, I’ve decided to undertake a project and read 52 books over a 52-week period. I will read one book related to personal development every week and offer an in-depth review, spreading this review throughout the week. These will include many of the classic as well as more modern titles.

Each Monday, I will provide an overview of the book, describing the general premise as well as any reviews or comments that may have been given. Tuesday through Thursday will be set aside for the meat of book, divided into three sections, spread evenly throughout the three days. To wrap it up, each Friday will be dedicated to my own personal thoughts and opinions on the book.

I must admit, some of these will be books that I’ve already read, but I look forward to rereading them anyways, as I’m sure they will offer new insights and awareness that I may have previously missed. It’s my goal with this project, to not only increase my own understanding and knowledge pertaining to personal growth, but also provide you with a well written review of 52 personal development books that you can use to determine which books will be most beneficial for your growth.

Here you’ll find a complete list of all books reviewed so far with links to their respective posts. UPDATE – 03/19/2007: Also included is a link to download each complete review in .pdf format (just right-click the link and click “Save Target as…”) [thanks for the pdf idea Peter Damoc!!]

1. The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success (PDF)
2. The Millionaire Course (PDF)
3. Getting Things Done (PDF)
4. Ask and It is Given (PDF)
5. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (PDF)
6. As a Man Thinketh (PDF)
7. The Power of Nice (PDF)
8. The Now Habit (PDF)
9. Think and Grow Rich (PDF)
10. Go for No! (PDF)
11. The Power of Now (PDF)
12. Emotional Intelligence (PDF)
13. First Things First (PDF)

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